A Guide To Safety When Using Extension Cords

  • By: Elson House
  • 2023-01-27
A Guide To Safety When Using Extension Cords

Electrical shock is still one of the major causes of occupational injury and deaths globally. There is a possibility that an electrical shock can be caused by a live wire, especially when extension cables are being used. 

Wires used in extensions are fireproof. Top Electrical Wires Manufacturers in Delhi offer top-quality wires that can be used in different places. We use extensions in our homes, which is why we should ensure that these are used properly so that we do not face any negative repercussions. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some essential safety rules for using extension cables without the risk of being shocked by electrical currents.

If cables are covered, it is not a good idea:

An extension cable often causes a trip hazard when it is used to extend a power cord. Thus, to minimize the risk of tripping and falling, some employees may cover their extension cables with rugs in order to limit the risk of tripping and falling. In spite of the fact that this may provide some protection against falls, there is also a higher risk of an electrical fire as a result. There should never be a cover on the extension cable, regardless of where they are utilized. We are among the best Electrical House Wires Manufacturers in Delhi who offer top quality wires cables and electric tapes that our customers trust.

Make sure that extension cords are free of damage by inspecting them:

If you want to keep extension cables in good condition, you should inspect them on an annual basis on regular basis for signs of wear, frayed wires, and other signs of damage. It is not a good idea to use an extension cable that has been damaged, regardless of whether it still works. Make sure it is repaired properly or replaced to prevent electrocution or fire. If you are looking for FR Wire Manufacturers in Delhi, Elson House is among the best options in the market.

Extending a cord through a wall or ceiling is not recommended:

The fact remains that extension wires should never be run through a ceiling or wall, and it should go without saying that you should never do so. Electricity passing through extension cords might ignite a fire if you use them on a naked, open surface, so you need to use them only on such surfaces.

It can be used outdoors without any problems:

When you intend to use an extension cable outdoors, make sure that it is weatherproof before you use it. It is important to note that indoor extension cables lack the shielding that is necessary for utilizing them safely outside.

Unplugging should not be done by pulling the plug:

There are times when it may seem faster to unhook an extension cable just by tugging it, but if you do this, you could damage the prongs, making them dangerous to use in the future. If you no longer want to use the extension cable and wish to remove it, you should pull it from the base of the outlet instead of simply dragging it out of the outlet.

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