Electric Tape

Electric tape is a pressure-sensitive tape that is used to insulate materials that conduct electricity like wires. Elson House is the top manufacturer of Electric Tape in Delhi. The Tapes are generally made with a PVC backing and a non-corrosive rubber adhesive. The stretchability of the tapes allows them to be wrapped around cables tightly and provide long-lasting insulation. They are built for cable insulation, phasing, and splicing. 

Besides this device, we also provide Multi-Strand Wires and Electric Wires at reasonable prices.

Best Electric Tape Manufacturers in Delhi

These tapes help in stopping the flow of electric current from accidentally passing to other wires. We are the best Electric Tape Manufacturers in Delhi.These tapes are usually used to prevent a fire or a short circuit. Upon being used effectively, they can be great insulators. 

Leading Suppliers of Insulation Tape in India

These tapes are also used for protecting the transfer of electric current which can affect the people in a negative manner through shocks. These tapes also protect the components coming in touch with them. We are known as the best Insulation Tape  Wholesale Suppliers in India.

So, these tapes are like saviors as far as protection of electricity shocks is concerned.

Products Related to Electric Tape

Electric Wires

Wires are metal pieces that carry electricity. They are often flexible, making them simpler to utilize. We are a prominent manufacturer of Electric Wires in Delhi. House Wire and Speaker Wire are two of the low-cost electric wires we provide.

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Electric Cables

Electrical cables connect two or more devices and allow electrical signals or electricity to be transferred from one to the other. We are the top manufacturer of Electrical Cables in Delhi. We provide reasonably-cost electrical cables such as PVC Cables and Insulated Cables

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