Fiber Optics: What Are The Downsides and Uses

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  • 2022-11-07
Fiber Optics: What Are The Downsides and Uses

Fiber optic cables have surrounded us. These cables are made of glass and are best for providing high-speed internet. In India, with the advent of 5G wifi and the upcoming 5G plus, these wires will be utilized for the best internet speeds. There are many Electric Cables Manufacturers in Delhi in the area who offer fiber optic cables, but one of the best must be taken into consideration. Elson House is one such firm that provides the best quality Fiber Optic Cables at highly affordable prices.

Is there anything that prevents us from looking at the benefits of fiber connections before we look at the disadvantages? There are only a few.

  • A cable is more brittle than a wire. 

Since fiber optic cables are constructed out of glass rather than copper wires, they are more brittle than copper wires. If you bend them too hard, it is possible for them to shatter.

  • Expensive Than Copper Wire:

There is a higher cost associated with producing fiber optic cables. Due to the unique testing equipment that is required to carry out the installation, it may also be more expensive.

After you're aware of the drawbacks of fiber optic internet for your organization, let's take a look at the many advantages of fiber optic internet:

High Speed Of Internet:

There is no doubt that fiber-optic internet is faster than even the most expensive copper internet connections, with speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. During times when internet connectivity is in high demand, there should be no slowdowns in the service provided to your company during these times.

According to studies, poor internet connections cost a worker a week of productivity every year. Despite the fact that the time workers spend waiting for a sluggish internet connection may seem inconsequential, it can quickly add up. There should always be an impediment to your work caused by your internet connection. This should be a tool that promotes the desire of your workers to be productive at work.

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The strength of the signal:

As the user travels away from the switch while using classic broadband internet via DSL or Ethernet over Copper, the signal decreases.

Fiber-optic internet signal strength remains relatively high over distance. Organizations with somewhat large spaces would benefit from improved signal strength across their premises.

In particular, this may be true when workers are located in a workplace that is far away from a telecommunications room, which may be adversely impacted by the distance of a broadband internet connection.

Aspects of bandwidth:

Suppose your enterprise requires a significant amount of data transfer. In that case, it is easy to reach the limit of your cable internet bandwidth if you have a substantial amount of data transfer requirements. It is true that fiber-optic internet for business is not entirely infinite, but bandwidth availability is significantly more remarkable, and performance stays the same as bandwidth requirements grow. Users may put a strain on the company's bandwidth by performing the following actions:

  • A SIP trunking service for web conferencing and streaming high-definition video runs better with faster internet than can be achieved with these kinds of wires.
  • Applications that allow you to share files via the cloud are another example.
  • In the case of a lack of bandwidth, slow speeds, lags, and distorted video quality may all be signs that something is wrong.

The latency:

During the process of processing data over an Internet connection, latency refers to delays that occur as a result of the association. A fiber-optic Internet connection eliminates many of the latency difficulties that customers experience when they use cable Internet, especially when they are downloading or uploading video or high-definition content.

But using these kinds of wires for the internet will provide you with a plethora of advantages like incredibly faster speed than conventional internet cables.


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