FRLS Wire- Designed for maintaining circuit integrity & Preventing Fires

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  • 2022-07-28
FRLS Wire Designed for maintaining circuit integrity and Preventing Fires

One of the best manufacturers of FRLS Wire in Delhi are Ashoka Electricals and they have been designed specially for maintaining circuit integrity and for preventing fires.

They have been manufactured using top grade raw materials and with the help of amazing technology and sophisticated framework.

These wires work well in a specific period of time in well-defined conditions and the wires have proven to be a boon for several individuals several times as these wires are exceptionally fireproof and they help in maintaining critical circuits.

The critical circuits need to be maintained and if once fire catches them, then it leads to the shutdown of the plant at an immediate level.

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These wires hold high value as they are needed for ensuring life safety for ensuring a safe and immediate shutdown of the electrical facilities of an industry,warehouse, or a building.

These wires are generally used under flame-burning conditions where the wires are subject to burning possibilities.

Besides this wire, we also provide high quality wires like FR Wire and CCTV Wire at fairly reasonable prices.

These wires are important for the purpose of fire safety and fire rescue purposes and they are widely used in high-rise buildings, subways, power stations, underground shopping malls, and industrial and mining enterprises.

The opportunity for calling fire-rescue services can be avoided in these cases as these wires help in safeguarding the environment and the surroundings as they prevent short circuits and fires due to amazing insulation.

These cables or wires can withstand terribly high temperatures and still their performance does not get hampered.

These cables have an inherent durability that defines their sturdiness and their amazing characteristics include-

  • Explosion proof
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Radiation resistance
  • High mechanical strength
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